2006年 04月 18日 |
I fixed my pajama pants.
It's from my sisnter and it wasn't pajama though.
It's good pajama for me now.

I will bring it to go to Canada!

It's least one week to leave japan. I'm not ready yet ohhh boy!
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2006年 04月 15日 |
I heared that one of new co-worker quit the job. She was new.

I went to Shinjuku to look for "Shingen-mochi" for my new room mates. I don't know what they want, what they like, but I thought Shingen-mochi would be good for gift. I've already bought some gifts though, but I'm not sure if these are good. ..
I will bring some gifts and then, chose it for each person.

Shinjuku is the most busy place in the world, and today was Saturday. Of course there were so busy!
I really don't like that busy and tired. When I see busy people, I really want to leave and go to Canada!
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2006年 04月 14日 |
I supposed to go to a family restaurant with co-workers after work today. Actually we went,but our group was too big and couldn't get to sit down with all together.
So we moved to other restaurant near the office.

Maybe it was the last day to go out with only them before I leave!
We will meet when I got back though.

They are really good friends, I will miss them!

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2006年 04月 13日 |
Today was the last day to go to dentist.
I like the dentist and it's the first time to like it. The doctor is good and friendly and good to fix my teeth.

I went there for half year, that's long! There are always busy and many reservations.

I was pulled out wisdom teeth. The doctor pulled out two teeth at the first, then tryed to pull out two more teeth in the other day. But I got in sick when he anesthetized, and he brought me to my house by the taxi aafter dentist closed.
So two more wisdom teeth are in my mouse yet now.

After finished today's care, the dentist doctor gave me teeth brash for one year to bring Canada!
And then, he said "Come here again to pull out two more wisdom teeth when you back!"
He still wants to pull out them.......
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2006年 04月 12日 |
I'm leaving Japan almost in two weeks!
My adventure will be there.

I'm happy with my life now, I have many good friends, I love them.
We always have a great time. I will miss them.
Also I don't want to forget that all good times so I leave a diary here.

I've decided to come to Canada on working holiday, because it was my dream to live there. I like trip but living in oversea is more excite experience.

Maybe I will feel it's not real in Canada for one year.
Because it's my "Advventure"!!

Let's go!
# by hummingbird_ca | 2006-04-12 23:05 | Leaving Japan |

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